Your social media back up plan

More and more small business owners are recognising the value of social media for their business. 

The one comment I hear time and again is that most business operators know they should spend more time on social media, but they simply do not have the resources to do so

Being a small business operator myself, I know that costs are often tight and judging where to spend your hard earned dollars is not a decision taken lightly.  Many people I speak to say they would love to outsource their social media, but simply cannot afford to do so. 
Others say they would like to look after their social media marketing themselves, but struggle to find time when facing more immediate day to day operational issues.  Alfalfa Social’s Bunch of Fives might just be a solution for these small business problems.

Our Bunch of Fives is perfect for those who want to look after the majority of their Facebook activity themselves, or just wish to maintain a minimal Facebook presence. It is also the perfect short term solution to keep your Facebook page active during busy times or over a holiday period.

Here’s how it works:
  • Alfalfa posts 5 Facebook posts on your behalf over a timeframe of your choosing (between one week and one month).
  • We monitor your page daily and post for you when you haven't posted for 36 hours (if you choose one week) or 4 days (if you choose a month long timeframe). 
  • Posts are shared from your Pages Feed (ie. from the pages you choose to follow as your business) or from your website content.
Sound like something that would help your small business maintain a social media presence? Contact us to find out more.