“So, What Does A Social Media Consultant Actually Do?”

This is a question I get asked all the time.  Here's my elevator pitch response: “I look after all aspects of social media for small businesses, which allows those in the business to focus on what it is they do best, ie. The reason they got into business in the first place.”

That’s the short answer, but let’s look at what that entails in a bit more detail.

  • Social media strategy. Many businesses fall into the trap of launching into social media without a real plan. A good Social Media Consultant will take the time to learn about your business – who are your customers, what are your plans for your business and what you want to achieve with social media? How will it fit with your other marketing and customer service activities? Do you plan to outsource your social media or manage it in house? Part of the initial discussion with any Consultant should include setting targets against which success can be measured, ie. how will you know if your social media investment is working?
  • Social media audit. This is where we look at your current online presence and that of your competitors and others operating in your space. What are they doing well? What can we learn from what they are doing? Where are the holes in your current profiles – what can be done to ensure you get the maximum benefit from each platform?

  • Social media execution / community management.  Because each business and its needs are different, a good Social Media Consultant should work with you to you to decide the best social media platform(s) for your business or event, for example, have you got a highly visual product or business, ie. fashion or food - Instagram and Pinterest are for you.  Perhaps you are in a service or business to business industry - let's look at Twitter or LinkedIn.

    Your social media execution strategy should include how often you should post to each platform, the type of content, the message you wish to send, the key points you wish to cover. It should also include detail of the tone and personality of your business.

    Some of our clients choose to outsource their social media community management (posting and interacting on behalf of the business). Others prefer to do the day to day posting themselves, after initial audit and set up by Alfalfa.

    Replying to comments, making comment on other pages or posts and being part of the online discussion are equally, if not more important, than just posting updates.  Seek out followers, likers and opinion leaders and interact with them. Do you have time to do that? 

  • Social media training. Should you wish to manage your day to day activity in house, we can train you or a key staff member as needed. Training is fully customisable to suit your business, the platforms you will be using and the experience level of your staff members.

    Training packages can be from as little as two hours for up to five people, to full or multi day courses for as many people as you wish. Social media training topics could include (as an example only), an overview of the different platforms and best practice on each, an update on the latest trends and usage practices, social media etiquette, content creation and email marketing.

  • Maintaining currency of knowledge. A good Social Media Agency will be across all the latest trends and changes within the industry, and believe me, things move quickly! Keeping up with these changes is almost a full time job in itself.
Still not sure exactly what it is we do? Get in touch and we’d be happy to explain further how social media can benefit your small business.