Twitter for Small Business Marketing

With over 2.5 million Australian users, there’s no doubt that Twitter is a powerful way to get your small business noticed, but how do you get started?

Many SMEs who have started down the social media route have commented that finding their first 50 Twitter followers has been much harder than finding the second (and third and fourth) 50. 

If you’re an absolute Twitter novice, I suggest reading this article from Mashable.  It provides a great overview of the most basic Twitter principles.

An experienced Social Media professional can certainly guide you through this and quickly help you build a following, but there are a few things that you can do yourself.
  • It’s not what you know, but who you know. Who do you know who uses Twitter?  Ask your friends, colleagues, etc. if they’ll follow you.  If you ask really nicely, they might even give you a plug on Twitter or be generous enough to Retweet some of your early offerings.
  • Add your Twitter name to your profiles. Do you have a website, use other social media platforms or online forums? Make sure you add your Twitter handle (your @name) to all of these.
  • Add a Twitter icon with hyperlink to your account to your email footer. Here’s my email footer as an example. If you’re not sure how to add hyperlinks to social media icons, check out this article.
  • Get active!  One of the best ways to get going on Twitter is to start following other accounts and interacting with them.  

    There are plenty of apps and websites that can help you find Twitter users and keywords relevant to your business, but that’s not nearly as fun as jumping in and searching on Twitter itself. Simply try out a few key words in the search box and see what happens! 

    Responding to others, retweeting and following accounts (chances are they will follow you back) that take your eye are all good ways to build your following .

Twitter: A few words of warning:

Make sure you’ve completely filled out your profile and sent a few Tweets (even if no one has read them!) before you go looking for followers.

Decide on your voice and stick to it.  Will you be funny and chatty or is it all about the business? This one is a matter of personal choice and the nature of your business. What some might see as “waffle” others will perceive as “personality”. 

Let’s talk about the F word – frequency.  No one wants their Twitter stream clogged up by one person Tweeting 50 times per day.  The flip side of this is one Tweet per day is likely to be lost.

Good luck!