How do I use hashtags for my business?

One of the questions I’m most commonly asked when holding social media training sessions is “how do I use hashtags for my business?”.  These days, I think most of us are familiar with the concept of hashtags, but how to use them effectively, well that’s another issue.

2 reasons why your social media shouldn't take a holiday in January

January in Australia…… for most of us it means a time off from work, trips to the beach, lazing by the pool or taking a well earned holiday. 

The last thing most small business owners want to be thinking about is their social media marketing efforts, right?

Too busy working IN your business to work ON your business?

You're not alone.  This is a complaint I hear from my customers all the time - in fact, it's why they become customers. 

It's a common scenario, you start a business because you have a passion for something and you're good at it. But, before long you find out that you're spending so much time running the business, doing the ordering, taxes, invoicing, marketing (the list goes on), that you're not spending much time at all doing that one thing you started business to do.

Why having a digital marketing presence is vital for your business

Is your business stagnating? Have your customers started to drift away? 

If so, you may need a stronger digital marketing presence. Or more specifically, you may need to put social media marketing to better use.

Some small businesses and organisations prefer to stay off the grid. There are entrepreneurs who opt for offline marketing or rely on word-of-mouth. This is especially true in the case of community-based organisations.

But it’s impossible to stay ahead of your competitors if you shy away from all aspects of digital marketing. Maintaining a good online marketing presence helps you increase sales. It also gives you ideas for improving your business.

What Facebook's update means for small business

Yet again Facebook has tinkered under the bonnet of how its algorithm works, and if you believe all the hype, it is bad news for businesses using the platform to reach their customers. But for those already creating quality content, it might just be business as usual.

5 ways to increase your Facebook reach

With organic reach continuing to decline, it seems everyone is looking for simple ways to improve their Facebook business page’s performance.

The simplest and quickest way to do this is always going to be to pay – whether that be by boosting posts or paying to promote your page.  Compared to traditional advertising forms there’s no doubt that Facebook advertising represents good value, however, there are also some steps you can take that cost nothing and can improve your reach right away. 

Social media training for business and community groups

Looking for customised social media training for your small business or community group?

At Alfalfa Social we have worked with many customers to help them better understand social media and to apply this new found knowledge to their business. 

Training sessions are fully customisable to your knowledge level, your business needs and even the amount of time you can spare.  Best of all, I come to you.